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The informal sector, often comprises a huge percentage of developing world economies.  Livelihoods are sustained through micro and small businesses that create the fabric of society for impoverished communities.  Growth and development in the informal sector can make a significant impact on poverty alleviation, altering national economic frameworks.  

Micro-finance can be the key to achieving growth in this sector.  However, studies around the globe show that business training is just as important as providing clients access to capital. Although many organizations offer loans to micro-businesses, these businesses often fail because they are not equipped with the proper tools.  

LEAD not only provides capital, but also business training and mentoring to create a strong client base.  LEAD focuses on assisting those who have the passion and determination to improve their livelihoods and reshape the business sector.  Empowering individuals with a specific aptitude for enterprise can create employment opportunities for others. 

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Business As Mission

A Divine Calling

Business is built on the provision of goods and services, and on relationships. It generates employment, creating jobs for the poor and allowing families to provide for one another. We believe that business is a divine calling for many Christians, and that God works through our skills and gifts in the world of business to further His Kingdom. Prominent Biblical figures like Deborah, Gideon, Lydia, and even Paul the Apostle all used business to spread the love of Christ to the people in their surroundings.

The staff and board of LEAD believe that entrepreneurs should see enterprise as a way to minister to those around them. LEAD’s management team and our clients, have a unique opportunity to interact with hundreds of people each day.  We see our goal in business as "reclaiming the redeemed marketplace," in other words, bringing light and truth into the business sector.   Ethical business practices, kind service, and financial accountability all reflect the person of Christ in our daily work and life. We are able to bring glory to God through the administration of the resources entrusted to us.


"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,

as if working for the Lord, not for men..."   Colossians 3:23

Mission Statement

LEAD exists to empower Liberians in the pursuit of business and asset development, for the glory of God and the advancement of Liberia.

Prayer Calender

Download our monthly prayer calender here. The monthly LEAD prayer calendar is generated by LEAD Grand Rapids, and highlights the partnerships of North Americans and Liberians working together for the common goal of mutual transformation in Christ.

We pray for partnering churches, struggling businesses in North America and Liberia, economic conditions in both places, individuals leading the work, social justice issues impacting an area, and government officials. We believe in the transformational power of prayer to unite the body of Christ for real change, in terms of both poverty alleviation and the greater economic conditions around us.

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