Lead Inc, is passionate about serving enthusiastic clients that will change the macro economy of Liberia.  We primarily seek to serve the “Missing Middle,” or business people who run small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) with the highest potential for job creation and growth.  Studies show that the creation of a middle class is one of the most effective ways to lift communities out of poverty.  In this way, LEAD recognizes that business development can be an important tool in restoring families and communities.  The development of entrepreneurial skills decreases dependency and gives providers dignity and the ability to care for their own families.  
        In 2008, LEAD Inc expanded its operations to serve micro-businesses with the intent to build these enterprises into SME’s over time.  Within Liberia, few individuals hold the adequate capital or knowledge to run medium-sized businesses, and thus, this capacity must be developed.  In 2010, two more programs were added, one for micro-farmers and the other for strong and developing medium businesses.  LEAD currently serves over 3,000 clients.  

Courtesy of the United Nations
Courtesy of the United Nations

We work in six of Liberia's Counties:


- Montserrado, Monrovia

- Grand Bassa, Buchannan

- Bong, Gbanga

- Nimba, Ganta

- Margibi, Unification Town

- Grand Cape Mount, Tiene

Mission Statement

LEAD exists to empower Liberians in the pursuit of business and asset development, for the glory of God and the advancement of Liberia.

Prayer Calender

Download our monthly prayer calender here. The monthly LEAD prayer calendar is generated by LEAD Grand Rapids, and highlights the partnerships of North Americans and Liberians working together for the common goal of mutual transformation in Christ.

We pray for partnering churches, struggling businesses in North America and Liberia, economic conditions in both places, individuals leading the work, social justice issues impacting an area, and government officials. We believe in the transformational power of prayer to unite the body of Christ for real change, in terms of both poverty alleviation and the greater economic conditions around us.

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