Liberia Facts & Figures

Capital City: Monrovia
Size: 110,000 km2 (roughly the size of Tennessee)
Independence: July 26, 1847 (Africa’s only nation to remain independent during the colonial era)

President: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa's first female president, since 2005
Neighbors: Sierra Leone, Guinea & Cote d’Ivoire

Population: 4 million (July 2014 estimate)

Population growth: 2.52% (2014 estimate)
GDP per capita: $700 USD (2013 estimate)
Unemployment: 85% (2003 estimate)

Ethnic groups: 20%Kpelle, 13% Bassa, 10% Grebo, 8% Gio, 8% Mano, 6% Kru, 5% Lorma, 5% Kissi, 4% Gola, 20% Other (2008 Census)
Religion: 85% Christian, 0.6% indigenous, 12% Muslim
Literacy: 60%
Life Expectancy: 58

GDP by industry: Agriculture 77%; Industry 5%; Services 18%

Industries: mining (iron ore), rubber processing, palm oil processing, timber, diamonds

Exports: rubber, timber, iron, diamonds, cocoa, coffee
Export partners: China 24%, US 15.3%, Spain 11%, Algeria 6.5%, Thailand 4.5%, Malaysia 4.1%, France 4% (2012)

All data from The World Factbook

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Facts & Figures

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