LEAD Research Farm

Liberia’s Agriculture Sector


Only 5.4% of Liberia’s fertile land is used for agriculture, and food insecurity still cripples rural communities. Cultivation constraints cited by Liberian farmers include a lack of seeds, lack of tools, lack of financial capital, and lack of labor. Additionally, there are two million hectares of pastureland yet livestock account for only 14% of Liberia’s GDP. Often, farmers use local, less productive animal breeds and basic animal husbandry techniques. With limited access to government support services, in 2005-2006, the country imported nearly 6 million dollars in meat products – 3.2 million in fresh eggs alone.

The Farm

In an effort to further serve the specific needs of Liberians, and exploit emergent market gaps, LEAD began a research farm in 2011 in Ganta, Nimba County. Since its inception, the farm has delivered 99 micro-loans to farmers; explored new appropriate technologies for farming, experimented with crop varieties, and constructed a small pigpen for ten pigs. LEAD hopes to expand its operations and build the capacity of local farms. By training farmers, providing them access to capital, and increasing crop yields, operations will directly enlarge and strengthen the regional economy and the regional food security.


Six Research Sectors

  1. High Value Crops: crops which are rotated regularly such as tomatoes, strawberries
  2. Tree Crops: capital intensive crops which reap large returns, such as palm and moringa
  3. Upland Farm: conservation farming with a focus on different technologies, two crops per year
  4. Animal Husbandry Farm: a concentration poultry and pigs which provide a good source of protien, in addition to fodder crops
  5. Root Farm: crops which are easy to grop and have a low start-up cost such as, onions, potatoes, ginger, and carrots
  6. Aqua-ponic Pond: fish ponds with vegetation floating on top to be nourished by the fish and also provide sustenance for the pond

Mission Statement

LEAD exists to empower Liberians in the pursuit of business and asset development, for the glory of God and the advancement of Liberia.

Prayer Calender

Download our monthly prayer calender here. The monthly LEAD prayer calendar is generated by LEAD Grand Rapids, and highlights the partnerships of North Americans and Liberians working together for the common goal of mutual transformation in Christ.

We pray for partnering churches, struggling businesses in North America and Liberia, economic conditions in both places, individuals leading the work, social justice issues impacting an area, and government officials. We believe in the transformational power of prayer to unite the body of Christ for real change, in terms of both poverty alleviation and the greater economic conditions around us.

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