Listen to the story of successful Liberian entrepreneur and LEAD client Yamah Juasemai.


Yamah returned to Liberia after the war ended in 2003, following years in Guinea as a refugee. She decided to open a business as beautician, and today - thanks in part to her training and loan from LEAD, Inc - is the owner of 2 successful beauty shops, and employs six workers. Watch this video to hear Yamah's story in her own words.

"The Vision of Partners Worldwide"

A film from our North American partners at Partners Worldwide, about their vision to support entrepreneurs and generate job creation in East Africa and around the world.


Partners Worldwide is based in Grand Rapids, MI, and has played a vital role in LEAD's development and ongoing support since LEAD was founded in 2005.

Mission Statement

LEAD exists to empower Liberians in the pursuit of business and asset development, for the glory of God and the advancement of Liberia.

Prayer Calender

Download our monthly prayer calender here. The monthly LEAD prayer calendar is generated by LEAD Grand Rapids, and highlights the partnerships of North Americans and Liberians working together for the common goal of mutual transformation in Christ.

We pray for partnering churches, struggling businesses in North America and Liberia, economic conditions in both places, individuals leading the work, social justice issues impacting an area, and government officials. We believe in the transformational power of prayer to unite the body of Christ for real change, in terms of both poverty alleviation and the greater economic conditions around us.

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